There's no magic in the music industry: open letter to Teniola

We have seen many artists come and gone from around here. Some has overtime risen from being upcoming to made musicians while some relegated from made to upcoming. Success in the music industry is directly proportional to hard work, we all should understand that. The fame and acclaims people like  Davido, Wizkid and Olamide enjoy today is as a result of their relentless efforts and back to back hits. The legendary and hounarary feat 2baba enjoys today is the product of his evergreen songs. What you do is what you earn, there's no magic in the music industry.

Madam Teni, I hope this letter meets you fair and fine. I'm a fan who was and will never be interested in your downfall. You know why? Because I, alongside some other people believe you're one of the future of Nigerian music. We have also succeeded at doing some silly comparison between you and your elder sister, and I guess you know what our conclusion was like... We ended up believing you're the sense your sister never had or rather lost.

Personally, I dissected your Uyo Meyo lyrics and I discovered that that part in the chorus which its English translation is "I rejoiced with you, now it's time to rejoice with me" and that part you said "...and they won't help you just so you know" are not entirely fictitious. They're as a result of your personal experience and to some extent, I believe they are being directed at your elder sister, Niniola. We all know what it's like having people who doesn't believe in one's dreams as friends and family. But that's not my point.

Firstly, I would love to ask for clarification if the Next Rated Award you won last year isn't the goal. Because it seems it is. Your latest releases don't sound like songs that would get their author anywhere. Have you tried to listen to 'Pareke' alone perhaps in your bed time after it was released? Where I came from, there's an adage that says whoever is singing trash knows and he's listening himself. Have you tried listening to your collaboration with that guy they call 'Promise'? Maybe not. Because if you had, you must have realized even before this letter gets to you that you're no more the Teni we had in 2018. But then, like some will say, it's just too early to judge your prowess.

Besides, Nigerians aren't the cool type. Most of us no get joy at all. We won't waste time in sending you back to where you came from if you stop delivering. Just take a look at our brother Ice Prince. See how dude is struggling to make his way through again. It's that difficult. Street love doesn't die but even Olamide who I personally rate as the king of the street knows well than to let a year roll by without giving us at least one jam. OLIC 5 wasn't just sold out. It wasn't magic. He worked and will always keep working towards it.

The greatest disappointment is disappointing oneself. Uyo Meyo, Case, Pray, Fargin and few of your tracks last year were bombs. Those are what you came in with and you shouldn't lose that wit. The passion, desire for greatness, optimism and mindfullness in Uyo Meyo is what we will always crave for. I wrote a review on the song titled '10 lines in Uyo Meyo that will make a mindful listener cry'. Believe me, I didn't just write it. I knew what I was doing and I'm not an idle writer.

The bottom line is, you're losing your game. The year has just begun and trust me we are not mounting pressures on you. Relax. It's not about quantity but quality. Take time to write your songs. Review them. We recognize your voice already which means you are already a brand. Give us hits back to back because trust me, that's the only way you can establish yourself in here.

Oh, less I forget, that your song 'Gele' for Airtel 4G network is superb. I just hope the pay was worth it.

Micheal Ace is a writer, editor, publisher and music promoter from Ibadan, Nigeria. He handles a platform on literature and journalism at and also a music brand at You can reach him at [email protected]

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